Pancake- Cake?

I had a weekend off from baking, and a Friday all to myself. So what did I do? I baked a cake (*rolls eye* ) I had arranged a breakfast party at my house with the girls, and it just so happened to be one of the girls (Ayeshama) birthday on that day. What better … More Pancake- Cake?

Spontaneous trip to Mani and Cheshire Oaks (Part Two)

After our over indulgence of hashbrown and brown sauce we headed off to Cheshire Designer Outlet. Being just under 4 miles away, it takes us 10 minutes max to get there. Hence why we choose the Holiday Inn at Ellesmere Port with the banging hash browns. Knowing full well that we wouldn’t be shopping much- … More Spontaneous trip to Mani and Cheshire Oaks (Part Two)

Barca in Pictures

Since I’m in this whole Barcelona mood, I keep finding pictures on top of pictures I’ve captured, and I need to share them with someone , and you guys happen to be the lucky ones. Just a few pics I’ve taken from my gallery for you to enjoy. It is a picturesque city, I have … More Barca in Pictures